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Killing Comparison.002

30 Aug Killing Comparison

If you haven't heard the story of Jehoshaphat and the choir of worshippers that led his army, go read it now in 2 Chronicles 20! Here’s a fictional conversation that might have happened between a couple of the Levites toward the back… Joey: Hey man, this...

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Are You Expecting

08 Aug Are You Expecting?

We’re just reaching that point.  I see it in their eyes and people are wondering, “Is she expecting?”   It would be socially unacceptable to be wrong, so no one is quite brazen enough to ask.  You see, my wife, Allie, is 20 weeks pregnant and...

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18 Jul Have To Or Get To?

Let’s just be real… Full-time ministry is not very glorious! When I was young, I thought my days in ministry would be filled with in-depth Bible study and prayer, life-changing discipleship meetings at Starbucks, plenty of time to contemplate ways to inspire the people I’m...

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