Mid-Cities Worship | Hands to the Sky (feat. Lane Oliver)
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Hands to the Sky (feat. Lane Oliver)

19 Mar Hands to the Sky (feat. Lane Oliver)

Writers: Erich Herzberger, Lane Oliver, Chris Davis

I’m waking up to Your glory

Your mercy falls like the sun still rises

Your grace is new every morning

To light the world with the hope inside us


I hear the sound of

A roarin’ anthem

Burning with Your love

Let every voice sing

Let every part of me

Speak of all You’ve done


I am alive

You have made this heart brand new

Hands to the sky

Pouring out my love for You

Our praises echo Your goodness

We lift you up as You rain down on us

We’re overwhelmed by Your freedom

There’s nothing like living in Your purpose


I’m alive ’cause You’re alive

Forever I will shine Your light

I’m alive ’cause You’re alive

You have opened up my eyes


©2015 Mid-Cities Music (BMI)

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