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Beauty for Ashes

I saw a man in the audience who had dealt with same-sex attraction most of his life sing this song to God, hands lifted high, reminding himself that “I’m no longer what I used to be.

— Beauty for Ashes

Yesterday, we released the first music video from our upcoming album that comes out worldwide on July 7. We are blown away by the positive response of everyone who has viewed, shared, commented, and liked it! We wanted to share some of the story behind the song because it is very timely in light of current events.

“Beauty for Ashes” was written by Lane Oliver and inspired by a sermon series at Mid-Cities entitled Orientation. In the 5-week series, Pastor Daniel Stephens spoke at length about the topic of sexuality – more specifically homosexuality. This series was the catalyst for Lane to write a song of freedom that would empower those who have struggled with their identity (sexual or otherwise) and encourage those who have been in bondage to ANY type of sin. Our heart was to write about the grace and strength God gives us to overcome the struggles that we can sometimes let define us. We hope that as we sing this song together in worship, we would be encouraged to define our identity by who the God of the universe calls us to be – not what the world, our present, or our past says we are! “Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone. A new life has begun!” (2 Cor 5:17 NLT)

On the night of the recording, I was able to see first hand the amazing way God is already using this song. I saw a man in the audience who had dealt with same-sex attraction most of his life sing this song to God, hands lifted high, reminding himself that “I’m no longer what I used to be.”

Watch the video again. Listen with new ears. We hope you are greatly blessed by this song!

No longer ashamed, no longer afraid
You have washed me white as snow
No longer bound, now I am crowned
Once in darkness now I know
You save
You save
And You give me beauty for ashes
And You pull me close to Your heart
You have turned my mourning to dancing
That’s what You do, that’s who You are
Brand new eyes, brand new hands
You have wiped away my past
Brand new day, brand new life
You have pulled me from the lies
I’m no longer what I used to be
I am stronger because You live in me
The old is gone, the new has come
I’m alive

(Lane Oliver)
©2015 Roaring Anthem Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

  • Bruce Gilbert
    Posted at 10:00h, 19 July Reply

    My son Ryan Gilbert goes to Mid-Cities and sent me this song a few weeks ago. I’ve been playing it over and over ever since. I used it as part of a series I did entitled “Breaking Free”. It’s such a powerful song. Is there a way I can purchase the chords for it?


    Bruce Gilbert

  • Jem chelsea Lagbo Mabansag
    Posted at 05:10h, 22 August Reply

    hello! It was yesterday that I heard about this song during our worship service and it was just this afternoon that I truly listened and fully understand the beauty and true meaning of this song. I know that God touched and inspired to trust in His almighty power and most importantly His love. The love that can move mountains thus, do the impossible. I praise God for this song and for everyone who has been a part of making the album possible. God bless!

  • Pat Catilo
    Posted at 21:04h, 04 September Reply

    This was one of our worship songs yesterday in our church here in the Philippines. Its the first time that I knew the song but it really struck my heart, seeing how great and gracious the Lord is, for always giving us hope, new chances, new opportunities to change, giving us more strength and is continually loving us despite everything. This is an amazing song for our amazing Lord!!!

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