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Get Your Head Out of the Clouds


04 Jan Get Your Head Out of the Clouds


Daydreaming… Day and night, night and day. These thoughts that so rudely intrude your 9am office meetings, that important conversation with your spouse, and even Sunday morning’s sermon, show up unannounced and uninvited.

It is estimated that people spend about half of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if you zoned out right… about… now…

Welcome back!

Unicorns and thunderstorms are consuming half your day. Whether your little thought bubbles are overtaken by glitter, rainbows and small puppies (all that mushy gushy stuff), or by worries, problems and chaos, you need to “Get your head out of the clouds!”

But this isn’t a call back to earth. No. Not even close. This is a call to go above a head full of clouds. This is a call to greater and clearer vision.

People might think you are crazy, but it’s okay. Go ahead. Plea Insanity! Your freedom will thank me for this later.

If your head is the only thing stuck in the clouds then that means your feet are still on the ground. Get moving! You are half way there. Let your faith elevate your feet and take a walk on the clouds.


Okay, so this is actually a little (a lot) bigger than glitter, rainbows and small puppies. These are the thoughts that become dreams. These are unicorns… Something that looks like it could be real but seems childish and maybe even stupid to others, yet it makes all the sense in the world to you.


Brace yourself. These are the type of dreams that make you think you are going crazy. I’m talking about that “what in the world am I thinking” kind of crazy.

This is when doubt begins to whisper condemningly in your ear, “You are a pastor/leader. You are never going to own a business (because the rich can’t inherit the Kingdom of God and pastors are supposed to live humble (eye roll)). Do you think God really wants a worship leader to record music and travel the world (because that would be pride and vanity, right)?”

Of course you are going to look and sound crazy! These are God inspired dreams.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  –Isaiah 55:9 ESV

So you see, this is a good thing. No, it’s a God thing. These are His higher thoughts. (Do you really think you could dream all that stuff up by yourself?)

Keep feeding the unicorns! Don’t let them die. But, don’t keep them stranded in the clouds either. After all, unicorns are meant to live on top of the clouds.


Can we just talk about real life for a minute? Let’s talk about the problems and worries that create daily havoc in your mind. Let’s talk about the thunderstorms.

These are the thoughts that come in like a wrecking ball to ruin every good thing around you. You can have the best day you’ve had in weeks and they will still find a way to rain on your parade (no pun intended).

Thunderstorm“I need to take the pain of loss, confusion and disappointment and hold them really close to my heart and in that context, give God praise. In heaven, I won’t have any confusion, pain, loss, disappointment, the only opportunity that I have in all of my existence to give Him an offering that cost me that, is now.” –Bill Johnson


What is your worship costing you? Your breaking point might just be your point of breakthrough.

Do you know what the beauty in all this is? Through hailstorms, tornadoes and hurricanes, the sun keeps shining. There is no amount of rain that can take the sunshine away. The Father’s love is as constant as the sun.

Learn to rejoice in the rain. Learn to fly through the storm. Don’t give up! Press through the storm and you will find that the sun is waiting for you on the other side of the clouds.

Can You See Clearly Now?

Don’t you feel free? Now you know there is a world that awaits you beyond the clouds.

Friends, it’s 2016! It’s a new year. Let your unicorns fly high and breakthrough those thunderstorms.

Dream and overcome with God. Faith will always take you for a walk on the impossible.

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